August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

THE BOTTOM LINE For August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

This stylish August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is easy to install and packs a lot of features into its compact framework.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock PROS

Works with Alexa, Google, HomeKit, IFTTT, and more
Automatic Lock and Unlock
Easy to install
Streamlined design

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock CONS

Short battery life


Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Integrations Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa
Installation Interior Escutcheon
App Mobile
Geofencing/Location Services Yes
Guest Access Yes
Tamper Alarm No
Touchpad No
Voice Activation Yes

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock have been our favorites since we reviewed the company’s first offering in 2014. The new August Wi-Fi smart lock ($249.99) is the company’s smallest model yet, and the first to offer built-in Wi-Fi. It also supports Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and a number of other third-party platforms and devices, following its predecessors and earning the latest Editors’ Choice for smart locks.

Design and Features

Like every other August lock, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock replaces the existing internal thumb mechanism and uses the rest of the locking hardware, including keys. It has the same disc-like design as previous generations, but at 2.8 x 1.8 inches (HD), it’s noticeably smaller. The padlock comes in matte black or silver and features a textured grip around the outer rim and a removable magnetic face with backlit Augustus logo status indicator. To turn it on manually, just rotate the lock to the left (unlock) or right (lock).

At the back there are two wing latches that secure the lock to the mounting plate and a reset button. Under the hood there is a Bluetooth radio and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio. Built-in Wi-Fi is what separates this lock from previous iterations of the August locks, which required a bridge to connect to your home network. The lock is powered by two CR123 batteries (included), which, under normal conditions, are only expected to last three months before needing replacement, so be sure to have good spare batteries.

The box also includes a mounting plate, an optional door mount cover plate, four adapters for the rear, a strip of masking tape, a door sensor and a quick start guide.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock have always played well with other smart home devices and the Wi-Fi Smart Lock is no different. You can lock and unlock it with the August mobile app (for Android and iOS) or the Apple HomeKit app, and you can create HomeKit Automations and Scenes. You can also lock and unlock your door with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands, and you can create IFTTT apps that can interact with a variety of third-party smart devices. Additionally, the lock integrates seamlessly with home automation and security platforms from Honeywell, Logitech, SimpleSafe and Samsung.

The August mobile app opens to a keychain screen with each of your motherboards (you can use the app to manage multiple locks in multiple locations). Tap on the main panel to open the lock screen where you can lock and unlock the door by tapping on the big circle in the center of the screen. The circle is solid red when the door is closed and solid green when it is open. A broken red circle tells you the lock is busy (closed) but the door is open, and a broken amber circle means the lock is loose (opened) and the door is open.

Along the bottom edge of the screen are the lock, camera, activities, guest list, and settings buttons. The lock button takes you back to the lock screen and the camera button opens the live feed if you have the August View doorbell camera installed. The activities button displays a timeline of all lock events including locking and unlocking, manual locking, app control, door opening and closing. When you access the lock using the app, it will show you who locked or unlocked the door and when the event occurred.

The Settings button takes you to a screen where you can enable and disable features including AutoLock, which will close the door immediately or on a timer, and AutoUnlock, which will lock your phone’s location. Uses services like yours to open the door (via Bluetooth). Approach Other settings include DoorSense Door Ajar Timing, which allows you to set the time required to trigger the door open notification. HomeKit, which lets you choose a house, add a lock to a room, and give it the name Siri. and calibration, which calibrates the lock and door sensor sensors that tell you whether the door is open or closed. Here you can also create custom smart alerts that will be sent when the door is left open, when the door is automatically closed, when the door is locked or unlocked by a specific user, and when the door is manually locked or unlocked. If this happens, the information will be sent.

Installation and Performance

It is easy to install this August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. I’ve already installed the mobile app on my phone, but if this is your first August device, you’ll need to Install the mobile app and create an account to get started.

I opened the app, tapped Setup Device in the menu, and selected Smart Lock Setup. You have selected Wi-Fi Smart Lock from the list and followed the instructions to scan the QR code on the back of the lock cover.

Following the onscreen installation instructions, I taped the outer cylinder of my lock to the door to hold it in place and remove the existing thumb swivel mechanism. I attached the mounting plate to the door using the two screws I just removed and installed the fitting backside adapter. Then I opened the wing latch on the back of the lock, slide the lock onto the tail adapter, and when flush with the mounting plate, I closed the latches to secure the lock to the plate.

After installing the sensor, I hit “start setup” and checked the app and found the lock right away. I gave the lock a name, waited a few seconds for the firmware to update, and followed the calibration instructions. Once calibrated, I added the lock to HomeKit Home, and when prompted, I entered the SSID and password for my home network. After a few seconds, the lock was connected to my network and the installation was complete.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock performed well in the test. It locked and unlocked instantly with the app and was very quiet. In fact, with the buzzer disabled, the lock was nearly silent. Manual operation was smooth and easy, and push alerts for locking activity arrived quickly. The auto lock feature worked flawlessly, and the door alert alerts arrived on time. Likewise, the DoorSense sensor always accurately reports the current position of the door.

I created a smart alert to notify me whenever the door was left open and it worked flawlessly. I’ve also created a smart alert to notify me when a specific user closes or opens the door, and it works as advertised. The lock responded quickly to Alexa voice commands to lock and unlock the door (you need to set a PIN to unlock it with your voice), and put the Arlo Pro 3 camera into my IFTTT applet. So the recording started when the door was open so it worked like a charm


Strong third-party integration, multi-platform support, and ease of use are all good reasons to consider the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It’s not only the smallest August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to date, it’s the first lock to offer built-in Wi-Fi rather than requiring an additional bridge. Features are plentiful and include automatic lock and unlock, support for Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands, support for Apple HomeKit and IFTTT apps, and seamless integration with many home automation and home security systems. As with most smart locks, they are more expensive than the untethered model, and you’ll need to keep a good stock of CR123 batteries on hand. However, if you’re looking for a stylish smart lock that’s easy to install and offers extensive third-party support, then the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is your best bet and our editors’ pick.

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