Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

THE BOTTOM LINE For Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug

Ezviz T30-10B is an affordable smart plug that you can control with your phone and your voice. It tells you how much power you’re using, but third-party integrations are limited.

Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug PROS

Easy to install
Voice control
Power usage reporting

Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug CONS

Doesn’t support HomeKit or IFTTT
Limited third-party integrations


Size 1.5 by 3.1 by 1.2 inches
Amazon Alexa Yes
Apple HomeKit No
Apple Siri No
Energy Reporting Yes
Google Assistant Yes

With the Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug ($19.99), you can turn ordinary electronics into smart home appliances that you can control with your phone or with your voice. This slim, single-outlet smart plug won’t block access to other receptacles and is easy to install. It also supports voice control of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and can tell you how much power you’re using. However, they cost twice as much as Editors’ Choice award winner, the most versatile, the Wise Plug, which comes in a pack of two for $14.99.

Slim Design

Designed for indoor use, the T30-10B is a 1.5 x 3.1 x 1.2 inch single jack (HWD) that is small enough to be used in a two-outlet jack without blocking access to another port. It has a three-prong port on the front, with a backlit on/off button, and a three-prong plug around the back. The button flashes solid blue when plugged in, quickly flashes blue during setup, and slowly flashes blue when disconnected from the network.

The T30-10B supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, and can be configured to communicate with other Alexa and Google smart devices using routines, but it also includes Apple HomeKit in addition to IFTTT. It lacks support for applets that provide interoperability with many third parties. The hardware furthermore, does not interact with other Ezways devices such as the DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell and LC1C Smart Floodlight Camera.

The plug uses the same phone app as other Ezize devices, including the aforementioned doorbell and floodlight cameras. This opens to the Devices screen with the panels for the Ezviz devices you have installed. You can customize the screen to show all devices or only specific groups (such as cameras, doorbells, or sockets).

Press the T30 pad to unlock the screen with a large on/off button. The background is blue when the plug is on, and the background is gray when it is off. The readings under the button show the current power consumption, the total power consumption for the day, and the running time. Below the screen is an additional on/off button, a timer button for a countdown, a timer button for creating on/off schedules, and a statistics button for viewing hourly, daily, and monthly energy usage statistics.

To access the plug settings, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. Here you can edit Wi-Fi options and enable power recovery which restores the plug to its previous state if it encounters an unexpected power loss.

Easy to Control

As with nearly all smart plugs, the T30-10B is easy to install. Start by Installing the Ezviz mobile app, creating an account, and tapping on the plus icon in the upper-right corner of the devices screen. Next, select a smart plug from the list and use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on top of the plug.

Turn the plug on, click next, and check that the LED is blinking blue. You will be asked to select a Wi-Fi SSID and enter your Wi-Fi password, and within seconds the Plug will join your network and automatically register as an Alexa device. You can change the name of the plugin in the settings menu if you want.

The T30-10B performed well in our tests. It responded quickly to on/off commands using both the phone app and physical buttons, and Alexa voice commands worked as intended. When the Ring Flood Light Cam detected motion and worked smoothly, I made an Alexa routine to turn on the plug.

Real-time energy usage reports match your Kill-a-Watt energy usage meter readings, making the T30-10B a good choice for monitoring how much energy a specific product is using.

Good for Energy Usage Reports

Ezviz T30-10B Smart Plug is very easy to install and can be controlled from anywhere with your phone, it supports Alexa and Google voice commands. It also provides accurate power usage statistics so you can see how much power your devices are using. You can create actions for components to interact with a few third-party devices, but they do not support IFTTT implementations that allow them to work with a wide variety of smart devices. If you can live without the power stats, it’s hard to beat the Editors’ Choice award winner for smart plugs, Wise Plug. Not only does it give you two sockets at a lower price than the T30-10B, but it also works with a number of third-party devices and interfaces with other Wyze products.

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