Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

THE BOTTOM LINE For Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb

The Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb is a very affordable hub-free color light bulb that you can control with your phone and your voice.

Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb PROS

Good color quality
Works with Alexa and Google voice commands
Doesn’t require a hub
Syncs to change in time with music

Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb CONS

No HomeKit or IFTTT support
Doesn’t integrate with third-party smart devices


Connectivity Wi-Fi
Integrations Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Base Type E26
Light Color Color
Light Color Temperature 1,200K to 9,600K
Output 810 lumens
Wattage 9 watts
Watt Equivalence 60 watts
Mfr. Est. Lifespan 27 years
Requires Hub No
Dimmable Yes
Geofencing/Location Services Yes
Scheduling Yes

Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb Review

Prices for smart bulbs continue to fall, with many good white options only in the $10 range. Available for $12.99 alone, or as little as $10 when purchased in a pack of two or four, the TreatLife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulb is the most affordable color bulb we’ve tested. Only white LEDs are there. It offers rich color and adjustable white, as well as support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. It lacks support for IFTTT apps that would allow it to be powered by third-party smart home devices like cameras and motion sensors, and it doesn’t support Apple’s HomeKit home automation system, but you can use it and it will cost about twice that price. bulb working.

Treatment Life Bulb Features and Application

Life Therapy Lights are available on their own for $12.99, in a pack of two for $19.99 ($10 each), or in a pack of four for $35.99 ($9 each). This is an A19 shaped LED light with an E26 base that fits most standard light fixtures. It measures 2.3 inches in diameter, 4.5 inches long, and produces 810 lumens, which equates to about 60 watts. The bulb is dimmable and can produce 16 million colors, and it has a wide adjustable white color temperature range from 1200K to 9600K. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi radio, which means it doesn’t need a hub.

You can control the lamp through the same SmartLife mobile app (for Android and iOS) used to control other Treatlife devices, such as its Smart Plug. You can also control it with Alexa and Google voice commands, but it doesn’t support Apple’s HomeKit platform or work with IFTTT apps that allow it to interact with third-party smart devices. Nor does it have the power consumption reports you get with the TP-Link Kasa Filament Smart Bulb KL50.

The app opens to the My Family screen with panels for all installed Treatlife devices. The lamp panel displays the lamp name and contains buttons for power, brightness, and color temperature. Clicking the brightness button turns on the slider to raise and lower the brightness level, and clicking the color temperature button opens a slider that lets you adjust the level of white color temperature. Clicking the lamp icon opens a dimmer screen where you can select one of four white temperature presets, or use the white color wheel to select a desired temperature. Swipe right to open the color screen using a color wheel with blue, green, orange, and red presets that let you create custom light colors.

At the bottom of the screen are the on/off, dim, scene, music and more buttons. The Dimmer button takes you to the Dimmer screen above, and the Scene button takes you to a screen where you can preset lighting settings including Night (orange red), Red (bright white), Work (cool white). , you can choose. cheerful (warm white), soft (green), colorful (changing green, blue, yellow, and red), shiny (changing red, green, and blue), and beautiful (from blue to yellow fading to green).

Click the music button for the app to access your phone’s microphone and change the color of the lamp in time for whatever music is playing, and more to turn on/off the schedule and use the countdown timer. Click the button.

There are a few buttons along the bottom edge of the My Family screen. The smart button opens a screen where you can create operable controls that let you do things like change color or switch to a specific white temperature setting with the touch of a button. You can view this button at the top of the My Family screen for quick and easy access. You can also automate the lamp to react to weather conditions and when your location changes, and you can turn it off at sunrise and sunset, or interact with other Treatlife devices. Finally, the Profile button lets you access account settings, edit your home info, run network diagnostic tools and sign out of the app.

Installation and Use of Life Lamps

Therapeutic lights are easy to install. You’ve already installed the mobile app from a previous review, but if this is your first Treatlife device, you’ll need to Install the app and create an account.

I put the bulb in the headlight bulb, turned on the bulb and the bulb started blinking. I clicked on the plus icon in the top right corner of the app, chose the smart bulb from the list, and confirmed that the light was blinking. I was asked to select my Wi-Fi SSID and enter my password, and within 15 seconds, the light was connected. I gave it a name and the installation was completed.

Life Bulbs delivered strong colors in the test. White was appropriately soft and yellow at the low (warm) end of the temperature spectrum, and bright and bluish at the high (cool) end. The lamp responded quickly to app commands, and I had no trouble turning it on and off, changing color, and adjusting brightness levels using Alexa voice commands.

Affordable Color Smart Bulb

With TreatLife Smart Wi-Fi Color LED Bulbs, you can create mood lighting in millions of colors and a wide range of white temperatures without spending a bundle. It has its own Wi-Fi radio and does not require a hub, and you can change the colors and turn it on and off using Alexa and Google voice commands. At less than $10 per bulb when purchased in a bundle, it’s a great value, even if it doesn’t integrate with third-party smart devices. It’s more expensive than the Treatlife bulb, but it uses IFTTT applets, works with Alexa, Google and Siri voice commands, and supports Apple HomeKit and the SmartThings home automation platform.

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