Wyze Bulb Color Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

Wyze Bulb Color Review, Pros & Cons and Specs 2022

THE BOTTOM LINE For Wyze Bulb Color

The Wyze Bulb Color is a smart, refreshing, and affordable light bulb that you can control with your phone and voice that supports device-dependent automation, schedules, sleep routines, and more.

Wyze Bulb Color PROS

Bright and dimmable
Hub-free app control
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
Can be set up individually or as a group
Supports automations, custom scenes, schedules, and sleep routines

Wyze Bulb Color CONS

Not sold individually
No dynamic lighting effects


Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Integrations IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Base Type E26
Light Color Color, White
Light Color Temperature 1800K-6500K
Output 1100 lumens
Wattage 12 watts
Watt Equivalence 75 watts
Mfr. Est. Lifespan 25000 hours
Requires Hub No
Dimmable Yes
Geofencing/Location Services No
Scheduling Yes

Wyze Bulb Color Review

Smart lighting prices have come a long way. At $39.99 for a set of four (or $20.99 for two), Wyze Bulb Color is the cheapest color smart bulb we tested. It can flash 16 million colors, and you can control it from your phone without a hub, or with your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It offers plenty of smart features for the price, including support for custom scenes, device-triggered automation, scheduling, and sleep routines that help you relax slowly at night and wake up in the morning. You won’t find a better smart light bulb at a lower price, with Wyze Bulb Color winning an Editors’ Choice award.

Affordable Environment

While many other smart bulbs, including the original Wyze Bulb, go up to 800 lumens, the bulb gets even brighter, with 1,100 lumens, or the equivalent of a 75-watt incandescent bulb.

When you want to set the mood (or use it as a nightlight), you can dim the bulb up to 30 lumens. It is weaker than the original Wyze bulb, which comes out at 80 lumens.

It also offers a wider range of white temperatures than original Wyze bulbs: 1800K (warm) to 6500K (cold). The origin can be set from 2700K to 6500K, so the bulb color provides a warmer light when set to its lowest temperature.

Measuring 5.0 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches (HWD), the Wyze Bulb Color is slightly larger than the original (4.8 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches), but has a classic A19 shape and standard E26 base. It is rated to last up to 25,000 hours, up from the original life expectancy of 20,000 hours.

Like the original, the Wyze Bulb Color has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio, so it doesn’t need a hub. It also features Bluetooth, so you can control it from your phone even when the internet is out.

Wyze says the lamp is suitable for wet locations, but it should not be exposed to the elements directly or used in fully enclosed lights. The company also warns against fixing the bulb’s color to the dimmer switch, and says you should only dim it via its companion app (available for Android and iOS) or the voice assistant.

Bulb Color offers a lot of features at its reasonable price, which I’ll go over in detail later in this review, but it lacks some of the features you’ll find with more expensive options, like lighting. Impact and energy use reports. The $25.99 Yeelight Smart LED bulb offers a flickering effect that mimics a candle and a music-streaming sequence that changes color based on the tones you’re playing, while the $24.99 Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED lets you know it’s on. How much energy does it use?

Setup and Control

Wyze Bulb Color is easy to set up and use. First, Install the Wyze app and create an account if you don’t already have one. Next, tap the plus sign in the top left corner of the app, select Add device > Power & lighting > Color Wyze Bulb, and follow the onscreen instructions. Select OK when the app asks for permission to use Bluetooth.

After the new lamp is installed, it should automatically begin to pulse, indicating that it is in pairing mode. If not, Wyze asks to turn it off and manually enable pairing mode three times.

Once the app finds your lamp (it only took a few seconds to test), you can name it based on where you plug it in (I went with a “desk lamp”), and you’re all set.

After installing one bulb in my desk lamp, I decided to install the other three bulbs as a group in my bedroom ceiling fan. Wyze makes it easy to set up multiple bulbs at once, and lets you name them individually. Simply connect them all and follow the above steps. When the app detects multiple lights, each of them will light up in a different color. In the app, you are asked to name each of them individually.

Then to group it, hit the plus sign in the app again, but this time select Add Device Group > Bulb Color Group. Give the group a name (I went with “bedroom ceiling fans”), select the bulbs you want to add, and you’re good to go. Note that you can’t group lamp colors with actual wyze leds, but you can set up a device trigger to control them together (more on that in the next section).

Since the Wyze skill has been enabled in the Amazon Alexa app since testing the Wyze Band, the lights automatically connect to the virtual assistant without any additional steps. After successfully connecting the lights to the Wyze app, a popup notification from Alexa told me that I could control the color of the bulb with voice commands like “Alexa, turn off the desk lamp.” I also set them up to work with the Google Assistant, and in testing, Bulb Color responded quickly and reliably to voice commands on both platforms.

Customize Your Lighting

Wyze is known for offering affordable yet feature-rich smart home devices, and Bulb Color is no exception. It supports automation, custom scenes, sleep routines, and schedules.

The app offers some preset color temperature scenes that allow you to set the lights with a single tap, including Night Light, Cozy, Bright and Energized. It also offers some fun preset color scenes, including energy, games, movies, and meditation. If you have multiple bulbs, clicking on one of the preset color scenes will give each one a different but complementary color. When I run a gaming scene on my bedroom ceiling fan set, one lamp is purple, the other is pink, and the third is orange. When I turn on a movie scene, one of the lights is blue, the other is a darker blue, and the third is purple.

If you want a more customizable approach, you can manually select a white color or temperature, adjust the bulb brightness (from 1 to 100%), and save it as a custom scene. You can do this if you have multiple bulbs together, you can make them all the same color/tone Heat and brightness, or make each a different one. It’s fun to play with different settings for color, temperature and brightness and save your favorite combinations as custom scenes.

Wyze also offers some automatic lighting options, including sleep wake and sleep routines that gradually light up or dim to help you wake up in the morning or unwind before bed. When setting up a sleep routine, you can choose the start time, duration, and days of the week you want to run. For wake-up routines, you can also select fade brightness and color temperature. You could, for example, set your lighting to dim at 6am on weekdays, and gradually dim to cool white at 100% brightness over 30 minutes.

In the Schedules and Automation section of the app (found in the Settings menu), Wyze lets you set custom shortcuts, schedules, and device triggers. After you create a custom shortcut, it will appear at the top of the Wyze app, allowing you to quickly turn the lights off or on with a single tap. You can also create custom shortcuts to adjust the lighting according to your preferred brightness and/or color temperature.

The scheduling feature allows you to automatically trigger when the lights are on and off. If you’re scheduling it, you can select brightness, color temperature, and add an expiration time.

The Device Play feature allows you to connect multiple Wyze devices to map each other. I am currently using an original Wyze bulb in my living room lamp, so I set up a base that turns off the color of the lamp in my desk lamp when the lamp in my living room lamp goes out, and it works smoothly. This rule is useful because sometimes I forget to turn off my desk lamp after work, and it stays on all night. Now, when I go to bed in the evening, I can just ask Alexa to turn off my bedroom light, and if my desk lamp is still on, it will also turn off. Bulb also supports IFTTT applets so that it can communicate with third-party smart devices.

Finally, a feature called Vacation Mode in the Wyze Bulb Color app turns lights on and off automatically at different times to indicate you’re home to deter intruders. To enable vacation mode, simply select your light in the app, tap the gear icon to access the settings menu, and then use the slider to toggle the feature.

Unbeatable Value

With the ability to reproduce virtually any color as well as a range of warm and cool whites and soft or dim light, Wyze Bulb Color can help set the mood for colors, even if you’re working from home or hosting a game night. Featuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for controlling apps without a hub, support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can turn it on and off with your voice, it’s smarter than your regular lamp, but it fits every fixture. It is very affordable. at home. It is easy to install and supports custom scenes, device-triggered automation, schedules, and sleep routines. And you can group the bulbs together to control them at the same time, or make each one a different color. No other smart color bulb offers so much functionality at such a low price, so if you’re looking to upgrade your home lighting, Wyze Bulb Color is a great, highly customizable option, and our new Editors’ Choice winner.


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